Thing in a Pot Productions creates original videos and graphics to evangelize, educate, and inspire. Our work is made to be loved and shared!

Free Video Downloads

Videos with a “Download” button are absolutely free for you to download and keep, no strings attached. Many of our videos also have a “Creative Commons” license. This means that you can duplicate, share, reproduce and broadcast it for free, without obtaining explicit permission from us. Just make sure that the video remains in one piece (no editing or splicing) and Thing in a Pot Productions is given credit. We suggest that you say: “This video courtesy of Thing in a Pot Productions. Find more at www.thinginapot.com.” Read the details of the Creative Commons License here.

Free Images and Graphics

You are free to use, download, print, reproduce and share images and graphics from two of our galleries: Picture Scripture and It is Good. We are adding new images every week! If you want early access to the weekly Picture Scripture image (which corresponds to the Sunday Roman Catholic Mass readings), sign up for our newsletter. These images would look great on a church bulletin!

Free Supplemental Resources

Alongside some videos there are discussion questions, quotes, thoughts and links to dive into the topic deeper. These are all free to download, copy, and use. Photos from Picture Scripture, which are added weekly based on the Roman Catholic Mass readings, are also free to download and share.

For information about video production, see “Services.”